About Us

Vinayak Maha Books, is a proprietorship firm incorporated and registered under the provisions of proprietorship Act, 1932 on 01st December, Nagar, Sahibabad, Uttar Pradesh 201005 (INDIA) dealing of books in Life Sciences, Medical Sciences, Agriculture, Engineering and Technology, published in India.

Vinayak Maha Books imports of Fictions, Non-Fictions and other general of books and offer the books at the most competitive prices. These books are on a wide spectrum of subjects to fulfill the cater of book lovers and other educational institutes.



Books on Agriculture, Life Science, Engineering and other Reference Books: Vinayak Maha Books
team of editors and professionals brings out textbooks and academic books. Written by scholars and
professionals with excellent pedagogical approach these books are being preferred by students and
faculty members because of their suitable illustrations and moderate prices. They are produced as per
international standard. These books are originals as well as reprints.


Vinayak Maha Books has energetic, laborious marketing team to promote their own books as well as those
distributed by them through various channels. They are display of books in their own website
(www.vinayakmbooks.com), which is continuously updated, electronic mailing, printing of subject
wise catalogues and their extensive mailing and deputing of field representatives to interact with
faculty members, librarians and the book trade.


Distribution of books is an important segment in book trade to make the efforts involved realistic in
marketing and to ensure that the books so promoted are made accessible to the educational
institutions, research scholars as well as students virtually at their doorsteps. This involves our field
representatives connected with branch offices and joint ventures within the country and book trade in
every corner.


The management and staff are working hard to take up activities designed to bring out, reprint and
import of books relevant to the emerging needs of various segments of the society. They are conscious
of the fact that books are the primary needs for the development of any society and the nation. Again,
their effective marketing and distribution facilitate in meeting the aspirations of all those who look
forward to the right kind of books. We believe to provide educational knowledge to every single child
and person of our country.
We are proud to be as publishers and distributors for publishing the product in India under
the brand name of
“MAKE IN INDIA” to contribute for our nations to 'EDUCATE INDIA TO